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How can I book a Rail & Fly ticket?

Condor offers passengers the option to book a Rail and Fly ticket until 3 hours prior to departure of your Condor flight.  This ticket enables you take almost any train from your Condor destination airport in Germany to any city within Germany.

Rail&Fly is only available if you have a Condor booking. If you have a tour operator booking then please contact the travel agency you booked the flight with.

You can book your Rail&Fly ticket during the booking journey or after you booked your flight under Manage my Booking. Of course you also can contact us  in order to book a Rail and Fly ticket.


You will receive voucher codes with your e-mail confirmation. Redeem the voucher codes in the last 14 days prior to departure on to receive your train ticket.


If you have booked your Rail&Fly for your Condor booking as a train feeder (2A) then you will receive within 72 hours after the booking an e-mail. With the filekey from that e-mail you can obtain your trainticket in the last 72 hours prior to departure on