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I booked with an online travel agency. What is my booking number?

You can find your booking number in your travel documents and/or email confirmation. It will be similar to one of the following examples:

12336479   (A total of 8 numbers only)

8678079-01   (7 numbers, followed by dash (-) and 2 more numbers)

8BASP3   (A collection of 6 digits, numbers and letters combined)

If your booking reference is similar to the above examples, you are able to login to your booking through our Manage Booking page. You will need your booking reference, date of departure and your surname.

Please note: You are not able to login using your flight number, e.g. DE2032. This is the number of your flight you are booked to travel on, not your booking reference.

If your booking reference is different to all of the above examples, please contact your booking agent.