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What happens if i decide not to pay for pre-booked seats?

Passengers who have not pre-selected their seats will be allocated seats automatically by our check-in system, on the day of departure. We will do our best to allocate seats together, however this is not guaranteed.

To check-in online, you need to select your seats. If you do not wish to pay for seats, your seats can be randomly assigned to you for the full booking, free of charge. Keep in mind that you can only use this option at the time of the check-in. Online check-in opens 24hours before your flight.

Auto-seating with children

Children are required to be seated with an adult from their party. This can be across an aisle, in front or behind. If it has not been possible to seat children with adults prior to travel, please check-in at the airport, where our staff will endeavour to accommodate this.