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When do I need to check-in?

Before your vacation can begin – and you can stop watching the clock for a while – you have to meet two important deadlines at the airport: the check-in times (when check-in closes) and your boarding time. Please don't be late: In the worst of cases, you might even lose your right to carriage. Make sure to plan enough time for check-in and passenger and baggage screening so you can start your vacation relaxed and on time. We strongly recommend that you schedule in an extra half hour for picking up travel documents, at the start of the holiday season, or if you have special check-in needs (groups, bulky items, etc.).

If you use our Online Check-in that is available starting 24 hours prior to departure and print out your boarding pass at home then we advise our customers to be at the gate 1 hour before departure. Especially for guests booked in Light rate we strongly recommend our Online Check-in as there is a fee to check-in at the airport.

If you check-in at the airport we generally advise our customers to be at the check-in 2 hours prior to departure. For US, Canada and Puerto Rico flights we recommend to be at the check-in 3 hours prior to departure.

More check-in information you can find here: